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Cleveland Clinic – Lakewood Family Health Center

Lakewood, OH
$18.0 M

The Cleveland Clinic’s Lakewood Family Health Center is a 62,000 SF facility serving the Lakewood community, providing primary care, internal medicine, and 24/7 emergency care. The steel framed structure uses lateral load resisting moment frames and is supported by drilled deep foundations. The exterior walls feature curtain wall and precast concrete cladding. The site also features an entrance canopy cantilevered out from four central columns.

The Family Health Center was designed and built using the Cleveland Clinic’s Owner Controlled Project Team Delivery (OCTPD) process. Under the OCTPD process, the designers, construction managers, and builders operated as a single team. This ensured that all involved made decisions in the best interest of the project as a whole. B&H worked collaboratively with the steel fabricator and erector to choose framing sizes that, while meeting the structural needs of the building, also provided the most economical solution
for the project.

In addition to providing Lakewood with the Cleveland Clinic’s standard of health care, the Family Health Center aims to be an integral part of the community. It’s north facade along Detroit Avenue includes space featuring exhibits of local artists..