UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex

Cranberry Township, PA
$44.0 M

UPMC and the Pittsburgh Penguins partnered to develop this one-of-a-kind sports performance center and NHL practice facility. It will not only be the main training center for the Penguins, but it also includes over 50,000 SF of clinical space for world-class orthopedic and therapy programs for injury treatment and prevention. Staffed with doctors, it also includes a concussion clinic, imaging, physical therapy, and sports performance training.

The 182,000 SF facility was designed to allow for the integration of the training facility with UPMC’s performance and medical uses. This includes two sheets of ice with 1,000 seats and 500 seats respectively. One rink is dedicated to the Penguins, while the other is open to public skating and other events.

The entire facility is supported by shallow reinforced concrete foundations. Prior to the installation of the foundations, pyritic shale was removed and sealed through over- excavation, bentonite sealing and the installation of non-expansive backfill.