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University of Pittsburgh – Darragh Street Housing

Pittsburgh, PA
$22.0 M

The project included four, four- to five-story, wood-framed structures built into an extensive hillside. The buildings (two sets of paired structures constructed adjacent to each other) totaled over 110,000 SF and houses approximately 150 medical students.

The structural framing is primarily wood bearing and shear walls with prefabricated wood floor and roof trusses. The elevator and stair shaft wall are constructed of reinforced concrete masonry units. The substructure includes concrete drilled piers and reinforced concrete grade beams with reinforced masonry bearing walls constructed up to the underside of the first floor framing.

The majority of the building’s lowest levels are framed floors, to accommodate subsurface shallow mines, which were not grouted solid. The mechanical rooms utilized reinforced concrete slabs-on-grade to accommodate the shallow mines while still meeting the larger live load and vibration requirements.