Cleveland Metropolitan School District – Anton Grdina PK-8 School

Cleveland, OH
$14.8 M

The Cleveland Municipal School District’s Building Program is a joint effort by the District and the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC) to transform every Cleveland school into a 21st century learning environment. The district’s Board of Education approved the Building Program which outlined replacement or renovation or consolidation of the district’s schools.

Based on the Program’s building assessment, the district determined that building a new modern school to replace the aging 46-year old school building is required. The new school would combine kindergarten, elementary and middle grade schools with a total of 540 students. In addition, the layout and the planning of the facility took into consideration that the building will be available for community use after school hours.

The new two-story brick veneer school building area consisted of 73,760 SF housing classrooms, dining room, reading room, music room, distant learning room and a gymnasium.

The floor and the roof framing systems are supported on exterior and interior reinforced concrete masonry bearing walls and limited interior beam-column steel frames. The building’s foundation system consisted of shallow wall strip footings and column spread footings bearing on virgin soils or engineered backfill.