Moon Area School District – Moon Area High School to Middle School Conversion

Moon Township, PA
$48.5 M

Moon Area School District is located 13 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The District has approximately 3,800 students.

The two-story, western addition includes the main entrance vestibule and lobby, administration offices, and second floor classroom areas. The addition was framed with open web steel joists and steel girders to match the construction of the existing building. The addition was laterally isolated from the existing building with an expansion joint and utilized steel moment frames.

The existing natatorium pool tub was infilled to create first floor classroom spaces. The remainder of the existing two-story natatorium space was infilled with second floor framing consisting of steel girders, open web steel joists, and concrete slab on form deck to create Library areas. Several existing columns supporting the natatorium bleachers and roof framing were relocated to accommodate the classroom layout.