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Fremont City Schools – Fremont Ross High School

Fremont, OH
$49.5 M

Fremont Ross High School is located in the rural area of Fremont, Ohio. The high school is part of the Fremont City School District’s plan to add five new schools to the community to further enhance the academic advancement throughout the area.

The new, two-story, 205,000 SF high school consists of steel construction and sustainable features including water-efficient landscaping, a reflective roof, and recycled/renewable materials used during the construction to create the energy and environmental design structure. The high school can accommodate 1,200 students and includes a 700-seat performing arts center, a 12,000 SF main gymnasium, an 8,000 SF auxiliary gymnasium, and a technical center.

The building achieved LEED Gold Certification, developed according to the community’s and the district’s standards.