Goodyear Corporate Headquarters

Akron, OH
$126.3 M

The Goodyear Headquarters project consists of a seven-story 693,000 SF building and a four-level clear-story connector building leading from the new headquarters building to the existing Innovation Center.  Each of the three sections of the building is separated by full-height atrium space, one of which contains gathering stairs and vegetative walls.  The project includes research labs, training centers, a cafeteria, and a fully equipped fitness center.

The connector building is a combination of a four-story open atrium with a suspended walkway between the new and existing buildings and a one-story building serving as a delivery center.  The exterior façade consists of metal panels, brick, and a unitized curtain wall system. To express the signature winged-foot logo at the building’s entrance, a combination of specialized metal panels and integrated glazing were used.