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U.S. Coast Guard Station – Cleveland Harbor

Cleveland, OH
$16.8 M

The United States Coast Guard project consists of a two-story office building to serve as the Station and Marine Safety Unit Cleveland Harbor. The project is located just to the west of the former facility. The 24,500 SF building, which incorporates LEED design standards, is home to almost 100 Coast Guard personnel. The facility serves as operational, administrative and crew berthing, and include conference spaces, locker rooms, a fitness center, a galley area for dining and weapons storage.

The steel-framed roof, penthouse, and second floor are supported by steel columns which bear on a foundation system of auger cast piles. The piles were installed to depths which ranged from eighty feet to over one-hundred feet. A system of moment frames combined with steel braced frames at the first story resisted the higher lateral wind loads along Lake Erie as well as the seismic loads. The foundation system for a 100-foot-tall communications tower with antenna was also designed and consisted of a large concrete pile cap supported by auger-cast piles.