Panera Bread – Uptown Triangle

Cleveland, OH
$1.25 M

The Panera Bread project is an interior build-out of  tenant space at the three-story Uptown Triangle project at University Circle.  The build-out occupies approximately 5,280 total SF of and includes a 2,400 steel-framed mezzanine within the 22-foot-high first floor of the Triangle.  A steel-framed monumental stair with a sloping steel column was also designed up to the mezzanine from the first floor, along with a limited-use, limited application (LULA) elevator.

A review of the existing structural members of the Uptown Triangle, such as the columns and foundations, was also performed to determine if any reinforcement was required. New foundations were added and coordinated with the existing underground utilities which were installed with the Triangle project.