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Hilton Cleveland Downtown

Cleveland, OH
$210.0 M

This tall and sleek building was an elegant addition to the Cleveland skyline. At 32 stories, with subtle but mind-bending integrated angles, this modern hotel overlooks Lake Erie. But along with lake views come high winds, so specialized wind tunnel testing was part of the process.

The Hilton Cleveland Downtown project provided Cleveland with a first-class, 600 room hotel connected the Convention Center and Global Center for Health Innovation.

Responsibilities included all aspects of Construction Document production and construction administration. During development of the GMP, multiple foundations systems were evaluated in collaboration with the Construction Manager and Geotechnical Engineer to select the most cost effective solution. The coordination and communication continued throughout the project allowing an early deep foundation package to be released one month prior to final Design Development documents.

The project included heavily loaded deep foundations interacting with shallow foundations. The design team took careful consideration of differential movement due to the differing foundation types. Specialized wind tunnel testing was performed to reduce concrete core wall requirements while maintaining occupancy comfort in the harsh winds coming off of Lake Erie.