Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland & Global Center for Health Innovation

Cleveland, OH
$465.0 M

The Global Center for Health Innovation (GCHI) and Cleveland Convention Center project provided Cleveland with a first in the nation medical showroom facility and a new convention center located in the historic Mall in downtown Cleveland. B&H was responsible for the foundations for the complex and concrete construction in the Convention Center, located underground between Lakeside and St. Clair Avenues.

The complexity of the project required multiple foundation systems, including 160 foot deep micropiles embedded into shale at the 40 foot high convention center walls, 150 foot deep drilled piers (caissons) for the Convention Center columns, and strip and mat foundations at the GCHI and lightly loaded areas. The existing Convention Center mat foundation (designed by B&H in the 1960s) was reused and integrated into new foundation system.