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Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts

New Albany, OH
$15.0 M

The 36,000 SF community arts center accommodates a 750-seat theater, rehearsal hall, dance studio, performer support spaces, classrooms, and an event lobby that also serves as a gallery space.

Reinforced clay masonry walls create the octagon-shaped theater, which is surrounded by the elliptical-shaped lobby. The lobby is flanked on either side by the education wing and rehearsal wing. Inside the theater a curved, cantilevered balcony creates excellent viewing angles from any location. The 50-foot tall stagehouse, constructed of structural steel and concrete masonry, includes a roof framing system that provides support for up to 28 rigging lines, giving the ability to accommodate many types of performances. The roof framing of the theater utilizes a compression ring near the top and a tension ring near the eave.