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Westlake Recreation Center

Westlake, OH
$12.5 M

The facility includes a 22,000 SF aquatic center with a six-lane, 25-yard multipurpose competition pool. The roof structures over the children’s activity area and over the swimming pool area consist of specially fabricated tubular trusses. The trusses are spaced in harmony with the swimming pool lane width so a swimmer can follow the lines of the roof trusses above. The tubular trusses over the two spaces are supported over an interior four-chord, long-span tubular truss. Within the space, there is one specially fabricated “tree-top” tubular column with four prongs supporting the chords of the trusses.

The 17,000 SF gymnasium has a structural framing system consisting of deep long-span steel joists with acoustical metal deck. A continuous clerestory light band around the roof required the joist structure to be bottom chord bearing joists. The double gymnasium has a wood floor and six basketball courts. There is also an elevated running track with rubber flooring. The 2,000 SF multipurpose room has an interesting exposed octagonal hipped roof form. A need for concealed peripheral gutter and column-free space required a complex roof framing system. A three-dimensional analysis was done to integrate sloping hipped rafters and intermediate tension rings.

The structural design of the floor system for the 6,000 SF exercise and fitness room consists of long-span composite concrete slab and steel beam construction. The roof structure over the exercise area has conventionally designed open-web steel joists. The 3,000 SF community room has a hipped roof. The roof form was achieved by using bent steel beams along the ridge and hip lines.