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UPMC Cumberland Woods Village

Pittsburgh, PA
$40.0 M

UPMC is the largest provider of health care services in the Pittsburgh region. In 20 locations around the city, UPMC Senior Communities offers the kind of home where life is lived well. Each facility offers residents numerous on-site amenities and services, including a fitness center, library, underground parking, and healthcare. The Cumberland Woods project includes a Commons Building, the Lodge, five Villa Buildings and an elevated plaza for underground parking.

The 63,000 SF, five-level Commons Building utilizes a combination of structural systems. A reinforced one-way concrete slab and beam framing is used at the first level. Steel and wood framing is utilized at the second level to accommodate the framing difference between commons areas and the units above. Levels 3, 4 and the roof are wood-framed utilizing a combination of prefabricated roof trusses and engineered wood (TJI) floor framing.

The Lodge is a 13,500 SF, two-story, reinforced masonry bearing wall structure with a combination of steel and wood roof framing to accommodate the large meeting rooms and auditorium. Composite steel beams and a concrete slab are utilized at the partial basement area.