The Schofield Building – Historic Preservation & Major Renovations

Cleveland, OH
$52 M

The Schofield Building is located prominently on the corner of Euclid Avenue and E. 9th Street in downtown Cleveland. It is a 1900s-era steel-framed structure with clay tile flat arch flooring. The project scope involved restoration and renovation of the 14-story building for commercial, hotel, and residential use. The original terra cotta facade was covered in the 1960’s by metal paneling. Projections from the terra cotta were cut to install the metal. The project sought historical restoration of the appearance of the terra cotta facade, through repair and replacement of some terra cotta, and recreation of damaged elements.

The 179,000 SF building was restored to accommodate a mixed-use program. These elements include a 122 room hotel on floors 2-7, 52 luxury residential apartment units on floors 8-14, a ground floor specialty restaurant, and retail space. Existing drawings for the building were limited, so B&H undertook extensive field observations to determine the steel framing and floor structure, which needed to be assessed and analyzed for new loadings and for modifications at new openings. The modernization of the elevators in the building necessitated structural modifications of the existing shafts, pits and penthouses.