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Digital Foundry at New Kensington

New Kensington, PA
$4.7 M

The vision to develop a maker-space facility which accommodates a wide range of possibilities. The Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland County in conjunction with Penn State University to create a technology lab and training center located within downtown New Kensington provides a location which allows regional manufacturers, college students, high school students, entrepreneurs, and local workers and community members to collaborate in the development of new professional trades. Since opening, this unique approach in creating a high-tech facility has made for numerous accolades within the region.

The two-story 15,000 SF facility is a steel-framed structure and concrete slabs supported by shallow foundations. Some of the facility includes two-story
high spaces with exposed framing and concrete floors. Moveable partitions are located throughout the facility to create flexible multi-use spaces. The Second Floor cantilevers over the First Floor to create a covered entrance.