Kent, OH
$45 M

The renovation project was completed in 2020 on the existing School of Art Building originally designed by John Andrews in 1972. The project also included the addition of a 12-foot bay along the entire west façade with entrance vestibules and cantilevered canopies.

The interior renovation included many modifications to the existing structure. The modifications allowed for several versatile maker spaces, improved circulation including two new grand stairs, new MEP systems, and a dining hall capable of accommodating up to 350 people. Additional interior renovations were performed to upgrade the 250-seat auditorium, open lab spaces and administrative spaces.

Exterior renovations involved the complete removal of the original façade which consisted mostly of translucent acrylic panels. The new envelope mainly consisted of a terra cotta rain-screen system, with portions of façade using metal panel and glass curtain wall. A 10-foot-high cantilever screen wall was utilized on the roof to conceal approximately 7,500 SF of rooftop mechanical equipment.