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University of Pittsburgh – Chevron Science Center Annex

Pittsburgh, PA
$21.3 M

Founded in 1787, the University has evolved into an internationally recognized center of learning and research. The University’s Department of Chemistry provides exceptional training in state-of-the-art chemistry that leads to successful careers in industry, teaching and research. It also provides outstanding resources for research and career development and is committed to being one of the world’s leading academic institutions.

The addition accommodates the expanding need for laboratories for research within the department. It has been designed to connect to Levels 7 and 8 of the existing Chevron Science Center and, due to the site limitations, the addition was also located above the existing Ashe Hall.

The steel-framed structure is structurally independent of both the adjacent existing and the building below. As such, the columns and lateral bracing systems required extensive design and coordination from roof to foundations. Long-span steel girders were designed at the lowest level to accommodate the continued use of the two 140-seat and one 300-seat classrooms below. Along the west side of the building, the addition extends down on to a sloping on-grade area. An emergency generator is located within this area and fitted below the stair tower.